Burial Services

Overview of Funeral Services

While many families still choose more traditional funeral services, others prefer to create new and unique experiences. Regardless of your needs, we promise to help arrange a truly meaningful celebration of your loved one’s life.

Gathering, Visitation and Viewing

A gathering of family and friends is often referred to as a viewing or visitation. Traditionally the casket is present, either open or closed. These gatherings can be held at a church or your place of worship, a partnered church/venue or other acceptable venues allowing friends and family to come together and pay their final respects to the person who has died. It is also a time for closure, when those left behind can say goodbye.

Gathering, Visitation and Viewing

Explore Your Options

Here are some common examples of funeral services chosen most often by the family’s we serve. These services can be held over multiple days or can be accomplished on the same day if desired. We can tailor any of these options to meet your individual needs.

  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the funeral service at church
  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the funeral service our partnered venue, or venue of your choice.
  • Viewing or visitation hours, followed by the graveside ceremony
  • Church or venue service, followed by graveside ceremony
  • Graveside service, followed by memorial services
  • Graveside service with no viewing or visitation

Service Venues

You can have funeral services at a variety of venues; most popular being at your church or place of worship, in one of our preferred venues or at the graveside (or mausoleum). Reception services are also becoming a popular choice for families.

Service Venues
Church Ceremony

Church Ceremony

The church has meant so much to your family and your community. Perhaps you were dedicated there as an infant, baptized there as a child or celebrated your marriage there surrounded by family and friends. It only makes sense to involve your church family in your final life event of a funeral.

We believe in supporting the church as much as you do. That’s why; we specialize in hosting your funeral at your local church where you’ll be surrounded by the ones you love in a place familiar and dear to your heart.

Church funerals are typically scheduled in the morning, and are followed by the graveside committal service.

Most Budget Friendly Burial - Immediate Burial, Casket & Outer Burial Container

This option is the most economical package that Compassion Funeral & Cremation services offers. It offers the most simplicity for families. This includes transportation, minimum care, and casket or container. For more information please contact us.

Graveside Ceremony

Graveside Ceremony

A Graveside Service can be anything from a small, casual gathering of family and close friends, to a larger grouping with a formal schedule of events. Many times, the graveside ceremony will follow a time of visitation at the funeral home, a funeral service in church or place of worship, or one of your preferred venues. Some families choose to have a graveside service, followed by a memorial service in the future.

You may also choose to only have a service at the graveside. Family and friends would simply gather at the cemetery for the committal service of the casket.

Clergy, friends or loved ones may take an active part in the graveside ceremony. Service, poems may be read or a special song can be sung.