Natural Green Burial

We Offer Natural (Green) Burials at Larkspur Conservation

Larkspur Conservation is Tennessee’s first natural burial ground dedicated to earth-friendly natural burial practices and mindful recreation. Larkspur is 112 acres of meadows and woodland landscapes located in Sumner County, Tennessee. It is reminiscent of Nashville’s Warner Parks or your favorite hiking area. The property opened in 2018 and is protected by the Nature Conservancy. Whether you prefer a traditional natural burial or burial of cremated remains, our funeral home can help.

For information, visit Larkspur Conservation’s website HERE or call (615) 854-0010


What Happens at a Natural Burial?

On the day of the burial, Larkspur staff arrives early to prepare the site. The funeral home will arrive one hour before the burial to meet Larkspur staff and set the shrouded or casketed body at the grave site. Family and friends will arrive at the appointed time, and once everyone has gathered, will journey together up into the preserve on a memorial hike or procession. At the grave, those attending will have the opportunity to gaze into the open grave, touch the casket or shrouded body, and commence with whatever ceremony or sharing they wish to have. Larkspur’s staff will then guide attendees through the process of lowering the casket or shrouded body into the grave, and then give each person the opportunity to place either a handful or shovelful of earth back into the grave ceremonially. When everyone has had the chance we will fill the grave in together completely, returning all of the earth that was removed to dig the grave. After the grave is filled, a mound will be present; this is then covered with pine needles and any cut flowers that have been brought. While this is the conclusion of the service, family and friends are welcome to stay as long as they wish, go for a hike or enjoy a picnic on the grounds.