Amber Dawn Will

amber will
Amber Dawn Will -age 26, passed away September 23, 2022 in Nashville, TN. Preceded in death by her grandparents, Randy Joe Brooks and Warren Edwin Will. Amber is survived by her loving parents, Jason Edwin Will and Sunni Leann Will; children, Serenity Taylor Will, Vanna Reese Will, Eleanor Mae Burleson, Landon Kale Atherton; brother, Tyler Edwin Will; grandparents, Valery Lee Brooks, Alice Mae Will, Joseph Henry Hawkins; uncle, Randy Joe Brooks, II; aunt, Melonie Lynn Durkin; cousins, Nathan Joe Brooks, Elizabeth Mae Durkin, and Olivia Brieanne Durkin. Amber loved shopping and relaxing with the sun on her face. She loved being a mother and was an angel to her babies. Amber enjoyed spending time with her friends, and it was one of her favorite mind relaxing activities and she enjoyed all of them. She was always happy when she was with her brother. Amber loved helping people and bringing them joy and was always worried about taking care of everyone. Amber truly had a heart of gold. A private family memorial service will be held at a later date.

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Memories Timeline


  1. Me and Amber have alot of memories together in our childhood days. Going to the mall, hanging out and enjoying each other’s company, chasing down the ice cream man and riding our bikes when she lived in portland tn, and so much more. we have some ups and downs and have done alot of crazy things together. We grew apart because of some circumstances, but I’ve always wondered about how she was as we got older.
    I just finally got to talk to you the other day a few days before your passing and my heart breaks into a million pieces that we couldn’t start hanging out and seeing each other again. Ill never forget your smile Amber I’ve always considered you the 1st Friend I’ve ever made I miss you so much and we will play together again. Love always Kristen

  2. I am forever grateful to God for the opportunity to have known Amber. I know her as a selfless, kind, patient, playful, and fun-loving young woman. She loved deeply, and more than she let on. She blessed my life with the most amazing gift and I promise to keep my vow of always putting our girl first. I’ll never let her forget how much she is loved, and I’ll remind her every day about the beautiful, courageous young woman who gave her life. Who gave so much to so many, and who I’ll miss for the rest of my life. I am what I am, because you were.

  3. You live forever in the hearts of those who love you. Loving you always.

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Amber Dawn Will
  4. Q: How did you meet Amber? A: I met Amber threw Serenitys Farther John Lazenby. John and I have been a couple for 5 year’s; meeting Amber was so easy. We have always seen eye to eye on things when it came to Serenity and communicated well with one another. She’s always been a sweet soul to me as I was to her. I know she will be truly missed by so many. My hearts breaks for everyone in the family! I’ll never forget the wonderful uplifting comments she’s made to me for being in Serenitys life. I’ll Forever be greatful for those memories we’ve made. Fly high Amber Will, you deserve the greatest freedom. 🤍

  5. My Boogies,I love you unconditionally and I am so very thankful to have been your mother. I wish I was half the person you are. How unselfish and caring you are.I have so many memories and I will hold them tightly. I can see you in the early morning sun with your bird just singing away to it..I will talk to your babies about you always..I love you Amber Dawn..

  6. We love you our beautiful daughter and sister. Love Mom ,Dad and your Brother.

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Amber Dawn Will
  7. I loved from the minute you were born I will love an miss you every single day. I know you’re at peace an that will help me thur this.

  8. I love you always and forever. You made me so happy and proud to be your dad. I will never forget all the sweet memories and good times we had together..I still am waiting to wake up and for it to be a dream. But I know you are flying with the angels now.we will all see you again one day when we get there. Until then you will be in our 💕 love you so so much Amber A.K.A. “BOOGIES”.

  9. Oh I’m so sad these are the only pictures we have together . But oh how this girl was so funny , such a free minded person , absolutely beautiful . You are definitely gonna be missed , if gonna miss your smile that would light up the room , oh and them dimples , 😍😍 i love you amber . 🥹

  10. momma, i haven’t been with you a lot but when i heard a whole half of my world just split in half, you meant so much to me and everyday i look over our old text messages and i start to cry. mom i love you so much 🫶🏼

    • Amber I miss you so much. I know we didn’t always see eye to eye but we always had an understanding! I love you and I hope your looking down on us. I’ll see you in the next life.

  11. Q: How did you meet Amber? A: We met on the bleachers at WHMS. We were 13. We didn’t like each others faces for absolutely no reason. Then, we somehow ended up getting expelled together & we’re best friends since then . I didn’t know she’d be my best friend, but I’m so blessed to have her as my Best friend.

  12. Q: What was one of your favorite qualities of Amber? A: If Amber loved you, then she had your back thick and thin. It didn’t matter if you were in the wrong or the right , she was gonna sh** on someone’s windshield if they did you wrong . If you working towards a goal she’d trip anyone in your way without asking you . If that doesn’t tell you her level of loyalty I don’t know what does .

  13. Q: What 3 words best describe Amber and why? A: Spontaneous – because she. Ever thought twice about anything . She lived every moment like her last. Fearless- Amber han ability most of us wish for . The ability to not fear. To be ready to sink or swim . To be confident and humble enough to tackle any situation without fear of failure or criticism . Charismatic- if you know then you know . Amber is the most goofy, loving & unique people you’d ever meet . Love you Ambino !!!

  14. Q: How would you describe Amber to someone who had never met them? A: Wild , crazy , loving , protective , fun , and free . She was the most beautiful person. She would give you courage , never judge you ,& light up any room she walked in. She will have your cheeks and belly sore the next day from laughing and smiling so much . Her sense of humor was something else . Haha

  15. Q: What will you miss most about Amber? A: Everything . Her laugh, benevolence , wild ways, the smile on her face when she talked about her 4 babies . She was very proud of all her kids. I miss when she’d pop up out of no where just because she knew I probably had a pile of laundry to fold and needed help. I’ll miss How safe and at home she made me feel. I’ll miss her hugs and support . I’ll miss making her cabbage every time she came over because it was her favorite . I’ll miss her at her worst and I’ll miss her at her best . Most importantly, I will appreciate all of these things & I will utilize all lessons she taught me . It’s easy and okay to miss some as kick a** as her, but it’s just as important to APPRECIATE all the things we loved vs only focusing on not having something or someone anymore . I will miss my best friend more than words can describe . I’ll miss the feelings and connections we had. I’ll never know another loyalty like hers . However I appreciate these things more than I’ll miss them . Love you forever Amber !

  16. My dawg, my best friend, my sister , my soul mate. Amber was the Yang to my Yin. We were polar opposites, but the best of friends for over a decade . She watched me give birth & played “ Push it “ by Salt n Pepa . I was so mad at her for that . Haha I kept her safe and she showed me how to take risks . We never had an argument EVER . Over 13 years and we’ve never argued ! If you knew her you’d know how much she loved to argue . Amber loved Sunflowers & hated makeup. She didn’t need it anyway . She loved to cook & loved to eat. Much love to Mom, Pops , Gramma Will, Tyler , Uncle RJ, & all four babies .

  17. I can see you in your purple coat and your hat bobbin in the snow,saying I can’t move at had bundled you up good..Boogies I miss you

  18. I feel I’m filling this book up, but want as many memories to be shared as possible . It didn’t matter how long it had been since our last contact, we always picked up back where we started . First time I stayed the night with you we stayed up talking from 9pm to 11am and replayed Twilight over & over . Not a single minute of that movie was watched . Haha That’s the night our bond was really formed. We were so different , but so perfectly aligned . You are my soul mate . You were always one call away. I was so shy & you were so bold . You were THE ONLY person to show for both my graduations. Took so much pride in any successes I had. You loved my babies like your own . The last month we had so many FaceTime calls. The smile on your face and the joy that was in your eyes and voice when you saw it was me brought me so much comfort . I shed tears of joy then and now. We talked forever about everything. I thank God every day that I was able to experience all of your beauty & to have had the Luxury of having the special type of love you possessed to give . If only everyone loved like you , but I reckon it wouldn’t be so special if they did. You are a rarity . You’re presence was noted & made such a positive butterfly 🦋 effect on this earth . 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    • Hearing you was gone was like losing my own. You and Samantha were so close. You knew when from a young age that all you had to do was call, even at 2 in the morning. We will be missed and always loved.

  19. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say because I have so many wonderful memories of you.So let me start with the first day I got to meet your beautiful face.Your dad ran out of the hospital so excited you had finally arrived to take me to see you.First thing I thought was she is so beautiful.From that day on you have been a big part of mine and my girls life we were family.You chose me and I chose you.I will never forget our talks we used to have when you didn’t want to stay with your babysitter they are moments I could never forget.You we’re loved by so many family and friends. you will be missed every day.I love you always Amber Dawn love Aunt Kelly

  20. Amber dawn I never had the pleasure of meeting you but from all accounts that is my loss. Rest in peace sweet girl. Watch over those who love you!

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Amber Dawn Will
  21. One of my favorite things about Amber is how outspoken she was. I mean the girl didn’t have a filter, but that’s one of the things I loved about her. She gets that from her mama. If a thought dropped into her head, she was vocal about it. About 10 years ago Sunni and Amber came to see my new house in Pleasant View, Tennessee. Amber was probably about 15 years old. I leaned over my computer desk and out of her mouth, in that Tennessee accent, came, “You gotta big butt!” I laughed my butt off. 😂 I’m 5’6 and at the time weighed only 145 lbs. Not many women are smart AND beautiful AND funny, but Amber was.

  22. I will cherish all my memories and hold you in my heart. My world stopped on September 23rd along with yours..Boogies I really hope you new what you meant to everyone. Not alot of people understood you and that was ok.the one’s who did are all you needed..we will keep your memory alive. We will celebrate you on your special dates and in where are 1st baby and you taught dad n I so was an amazing big sister when your brother came and you loved playing mommy..Then when you had your babies you were an amazing may have lost your way a little but always thought about the safety of your babies, even if that ment them being away…I wish I was half the person you gave life to people’s will always be cherished between a lot of people. But your daddy and I hold a special place for our baby girl.

  23. I will never forget the day the elementary school called and told me they had lost my child. Like how do you lose my kid when she’s at school. And made it to the school in about 3 minutes we only lived about 5 or 6 minutes away from the school. And it was field day and I asked them had her class already been outside to play and they said yes. It was time to go in for lunch, I said I know where she’s at. Walk straight to the playground and guess who was out there with her best Bud.That was a long 3 minute’s…she just playing with the next class that had come out…

  24. Amber Dawn you were one crazy girl!You will forever be in our thoughts and memories we love and miss you so much rest in paradise!

  25. After speaking with your baby girl Serenity, I new dad and I did the right thing by you..If you only new how much your missed. In our hearts forever.

  26. Hey boogies it’s Dad I was just sitting on the porch watching it storm remembering when me and you used to do it and we would talk about how much we both loved watching thunderstorms go through I can feel you sitting there with me watching it today I love you so much I cannot wait to see you again until then I will always keep you in my heart 24 hours a day 7 days a week forever I love you so much I love you boogies.

  27. Me and Mom love you so much I wish you could come back but I know you can’t you are so missed you were always special to us and we love you very much Tyler mom and I Grandma your kids everybody we will be with you again in heaven one day we all love you so much

  28. And one of my favorite memories is when you were about 3 years old we went looking for a sled couldn’t find one anywhere in Nashville finally found one at an Ace Hardware on Gallatin Road so we got it and we it had just snowed about three or four inches so we went to the hill at the TBI building and you wanted to sit in the front of the sled so I let you well on the way down the hill the sled spun around where I was going down backwards and you were looking up the hill when we got to the bottom I banged my elbow on the curb real hard and hurt it LOL you thought that was so funny I loved spending time with you so did Mom and everybody else we will miss you love you Dad

  29. I am so thankful for the two day’s we got with and Tyler got to spend time just you two.we sat on the bed and laughed and two ate good..and you slept so good the 1st night.i could tell you where mentally exhausted. I know your in paradise now but my girl mom n dad miss you something awful..I’m so glad you came home for those day’s before God called you home.

  30. Amber, you were an amazing, unselfish and mature young woman that had such a huge heart and zest for life. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for choosing life and giving each of your children life, and whom will carry on your legacy. You loved and cared for them as well as you could and knowing your own limitations, you graciously chose to give one of your beautiful baby’s to my daughter and son in law when they could not have their own. I will forever be thankful that you sought them out and chose Tiffany and Andrew to be Eleanor’s Mommy and Daddy. What an incredibly unselfish and loving act to choose the gift of adoption to bless our whole family with her. They will love her and nurture her and care for her for you and I pray they will always make you proud that you chose them. A simple “Thank-you” is just not enough to convey my thankfulness, my gratitude, my appreciation and my love for you and what you have done. You were a beautiful young woman with a huge compassionate heart and I am so proud to have known you, to have met you in the first place and to have had you in my life for 7 short years. Every time I look Into Ellie’s face, I will see you and your angelic, sweet smile in her will remind me of you and your selfless acts of love. Amber, you are loved, always missed and will never ever be forgotten. Your imprint in this life lives on in the hearts and faces of your children and your memory remains within the love you gave and the way you touched so many peoples lives in such positive ways. Rest In Peace my sweet Angel, and we will meet again. Love you forever and always, Tonya Henshaw (Eleanor’s Nana)

  31. Amber, I miss you already. I miss your smile, I miss your hugs, I miss watching you put on your makeup. I miss you helping me with my phone. Amber you are so darn smart and so Beautiful inside and out. Grandma will always ❤ love you and hold you in my Heart. Grandma can’t wait to see you in Heaven, but for now you rest in Heaven my little Angel.

  32. My heart hurts and is broken. I know your in a better place with no suffering but man we sure need you..Amber I love you with my every being.

  33. I don’t even know where to begin. The memories are some that I will never forget. All the nights dancing and singing to thingy thing. So many laughs. Harassing all of our teachers in middle school. Dancing and acting an absolute fool at the teen club. I’ll forever miss you! Your friendship meant more to me than you will ever know. I would have never made it through those awkward preteen years without you. I wish we would have been able to reconnect and man I wish I wouldn’t have lost all of our embarrassing MySpace pictures! Even without them I know you’ll never be forgotten. Your personality was definitely one of a kind. So full of life. Making the best out of every situation. I’ll see you again one day! I can’t wait to be able to catch up. 🫶🏻

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