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brian cool
It is with immense sadness that the family of Brian Thomas Cool announce his passing on October 1st, 2022. Brian was born to Ronald and Jackie Cool in Muncie, Indiana. He has three sisters, Christine, Andrea and Lauren. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife and best friend of thirty-seven years, Pauline. We have four beloved children, Giles, Orianna, Olivia and Izabella. Also, two wonderful sons-in-law, Donovan and Drake and our first grandchild, Graham, the light of our lives. Brian moved to Florida as a teenager to live with his father and finish high school. He signed up for the Navy age seventeen and went through boot camp in Orlando, Florida. He graduated A-School top of his class and therefore had the choice from three locations where he would like to be stationed. He chose Holy Loch, Scotland where his father had been stationed as a young man and had helped build the submarine tender there. I was attending Edinburgh College of Art at that time, and met Brian my first evening out there, October 19th, 1985. He approached me and announced that he was going to marry me and that we would live in Florida! I laughed, but he was correct on both counts. On August 30th, 1986, we were married at the ancient church of Saint Aidans, in Bamburgh, Northumberland, England, where I grew up. The church dates back to 635 AD. Brian remains the only ever American to be married there. We celebrated our 36th, wedding anniversary the end of August. All our four children were christened there also, which is very special. We started married life in Dunoon, Scotland, where I introduced Brian to the game of golf. Giles shared his dad’s love of the game and they played together every chance they could. Giles was with him when he got his first hole in one in 2018, great memories. The first place he was stationed upon our return to the states, Cape Canaveral, Florida, just as he predicted. Brian earned his bachelor’s degree from Indiana university whilst active duty on a submarine. Then proceeded to get his masters from the Kelly school of Business. He made the rank of chief before the age of thirty and then crossed to officer, making him a mustang. We have moved twenty-six times over thirty-six years, and were very fortunate to be stationed in London, England, on two separate occasions. He served for twenty-two years as a submariner before retiring from the Navy. He then went onto a very successful career in logistics for the private sector, working for several Fortune 500 companies. Brian had been to all fifty states and visited thirty-six countries, Great Britain holding a special place in his heart, as the country I was from and where we met, fell in love and married. We had always planned to move back to Britain, once Brian had retired. Sadly, we never got that chance. Brian was funny, intelligent, respectful, a great leader, wonderful father and the love of my life. How lucky was I to have found someone that made saying goodbye so very hard. Grief never ends, but it changes. It is a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith, it is the price of love. Fair winds and following seas. A private family service will be held at a later date. Arrangements in the care of Compassion Funeral & Cremation Services, 6949 Charlotte Pike, Suite 104 (615) 857-9955. We proudly remain locally owned & operated.

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  1. You and your family have been through a most difficult and trying time. Our prayers have been sent your way for comfort during this time of grief.

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Brian Thomas Cool
  2. From across the miles in the United Kingdom we are remembering Brian, a dear brother-in-law. He had a life well lived but which ended far too early after a long, brave fight. Brian was a much loved husband of Pauline, whose unstinting support carried him through some very difficult times both emotionally and physically. He was immensely proud of his four children , all their achievements and loved his “amazing” grandson. Loved ones live on in words they said, in lives they touched and in the happiness we feel every time we remember them. We hope all the happy memories Pauline and her family have of Brian will be of some comfort in the times ahead. Our heartfelt thoughts are with you all at this sad time in your lives. With all our love, Louise and Frank

  3. We’ve known our much loved brother-in -law, Brian, for over 36 years and due to us living on either side of the Atlantic, on the all too rare occasions we did get together, it just seemed like yesterday and we carried on where we left off. Pauline and their family, who Brian was so very proud of, were his world and he loved being in the midst of their gatherings. They will have many happy memories to look back on. Despite a long and hard battle, with Pauline constantly by his side, pushing for the best possible care available, Brian was taken too soon. He will be so greatly missed. We pray God’s love, blessings and protection and the knowledge that Brian is now with his Heavenly Father, will be a comfort to Pauline and the family. With our love, Graham and Sue xx

  4. BRIAN- BROTHER IN LAW Pauline, Orianna, Olivia, Giles and Izabella, one day you will come to see you’ll never be apart because your husband and father will stay with you always. Each life touches this world in a way no others can, not only wonderful memories but lasting imprints in our hearts. I sincerely wish that the hours and days will, in-some small way get a little easier for all of you. Much love Valeriexxxxxx

  5. It is difficult to find the right words to say as we know too well nothing can ease the pain in your hearts right now. Even though we may be many miles apart, as a family we share your pain and sorrow. The loss of Uncle Brian is immeasurable, but so is the love he left behind. His love will live on forever in you all. After all, love never dies. As the days continue to pass we hope you all find comfort in the wonderful memories you carry in your minds and hearts. We will forever be proud of Uncle Brian. All our love and deepest condolences, Charlotte, Paul, Poppy and Isabelle xxxx

  6. I still treasure the picture of SSBN-734 which my uncle Brian signed wishing me well with the phrase ‘fair winds and following seas’. It reminds me of my first overseas holiday to Florida where the family were based. Fantastic memories never to be forgotten – thanks Brian. Disney world, the Everglades, waffles for breakfast, Sea world, golf buggies, Taco Bell, Universal studios…. a tour of Brian’s submarine! Not one of my school friends believed my uncle was Mr Cool, but he really was. Brian will be greatly missed by many and I will always look back very fondly on the time we spent together. Andrew, Lisa and Erin X X X

  7. A great Husband and father who raised four wonderful children. Your devotion to not only your family but, your country as well, will never be forgotten. We cherish the memories while our families served together during our navy careers. Rest easy my friend we have the watch. Love, Rick, Auntie Kath, Ricky & Morgan

  8. A memory i will always cherish is drinking a bottle of “dog” (newcastle brown ale) with uncle Brian in the old ship at seahouses and sharing stories. Uncle Brian was a huge character and will leave a hole that will never be filled and we will all miss him so much. Lots of love Fraser and Bethany x

  9. BY ALFRED, LORD TENNYSON Sunset and evening star,       And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar,       When I put out to sea,    But such a tide as moving seems asleep,       Too full for sound and foam, When that which drew from out the boundless deep       Turns again home.    Twilight and evening bell,       And after that the dark! And may there be no sadness of farewell,       When I embark;    For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place       The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face       When I have crost the bar. Brian Stand easy big man, Your watch is done, Relax Shipmate you stand relieved. One day we will all meet up again and yarn of good times and maybe enjoy a bottle of dog from a schooner glass in your local. You know what we mean. You will be sadly missed by us all. X John and Andrena.

  10. Those we love don’t go away, They walk beside us day by day, Unseen, unheard but always near, Still loved, still missed and forever dear. Rest in heavenly peace Uncle Brian All of our love always Emily and Andrew x

  11. Q: How did you meet Brian? A: I met Brian when he joined our company to lead a complex logistics operation in Reno. Brian approached every opportunity to learn and grow. In all of his interactions he demonstrated humility and kindness. He reminded me that those qualities more than technical know how or experience are what define an effective leader and partner. His team trusted him. Believed in him. I miss him.. And our team misses him. May his memory be a blessing to all of those who are bereaved by his passing.

  12. Pauline and I were flat mates in Edinburgh, Scotland. I was present the evening Brian met Pauline, and made lots of big predictions! At one point, Pauline asked Brian his last name. Brian, said not a word, and pulled out his driver’s license. Yes, we then believed it, Brian really was Cool! You will always be with us, Brian. Enjoy your final journey. Leslie H

  13. Brian Cool, quickly moved from a new hire to a valued member of my team to friend. Brian was a very passionate about leadership, travel and family. All of the things that I too am passionate about, and he loved life. It didn’t hurt that he too was a golfer. I was drawn to is intellect and the stories of his travels. We could sit and talk, laugh and share stories all day if they would let us. Brian was ambitious, but not in a bad way. He just knew where he was going and from time to time he would reach out for advise on his next move. Oh, how I cherished those times and they will be sorely missed. While his journey has come to an end, his influence and leadership will live on in the people he led and his four beloved children. I am sadden by his loss, but honored to have shared a small piece of his journey. May God rest his soul and bless his family.

    • Brian was special to me, I first meet him when I dated his Dad, Ron, many years ago. Ron and I dated a year or more then he moved and I stay. We all reconnected many years later after Brian was grown. He was married to his lovely wife Pauline and they had four beautiful children. We went through the following years together. Brian was a hard worker, over and above what was required of him. He loved his family. Only God knows why he was taken so young . We will miss you and love you.

  14. I worked with Brian for many years at Sears Holdings. We travelled well over 200,000 miles together and he was an A+ top-notch guy and I always enjoyed talking with him about the US Navy and his time in the service. I will miss him and he was a credit to the tradition of Naval service in the US and was a key player in Sears Logistics.

  15. Brian and I met almost 10 years ago during a hiring conference. I was interviewing candidates for a position on my team and somehow, I was able to convince him to leave his current role with Amazon and join my team in Ames, Iowa. Within days, Brian and I recognized that our connection went beyond co-workers. As former military officers, we shared many of the same passions: military service, football, leadership, and family. We, of course, swapped “war stories” and who had it worse, but we also spoke at length about how to lead people. We talked about bad leaders, good leaders, and the few great leaders we had experienced in our varied careers. We loved football and, more specifically, Peyton Manning and the impact he had on Brian’s Colts and my Broncos. Brian loved to lead people. He cared for his people and for others in the organization. He most enjoyed developing teammates into achieving more than we, or even they, first though probable. To make himself available to his team, he was always first in and last out at the office, so much so I sometimes had to restrict him from working so he wouldn’t burn himself out. When Brian fell at home and had to have shoulder surgery, I physically took his laptop away from him so he could focus on healing; Pauline told me if I didn’t, he would be working as soon as he could open the laptop with his other arm. He loved working with his teams. Our other shared passion was our families. He was so proud of his children. He loved the fact that he and his daughter Anna were attending school at the same time. You could hear the pride in his voice when he talked about “Sonny” (Giles) and how much he loved spending time with his son on the golf course, something he said he never could do as often as he wanted. Olivia was going to high school and then college during our time together in Ames. He would tell me about how well she was doing in school and then about her early interest in being a vet and how that would save him so much money on all the wiener dogs Pauline had. And finally, Bella, who he always called the “baby”. It seems like every week he had another story about how smart she was and the stories he shared about her quick wit always had us laughing. When we caught up together again in Reno a few years later, he shared how proud he was of the adults each of them are becoming. And he talked about Pauline, the absolute love of his life. He talked about the first time they met in the UK and how he had told her he was going to marry her. He shared stories with me about her strength in raising their 4 children while he was out to sea for months at a time. He couldn’t figure out how he was so lucky to have her in his life and swore he wouldn’t be able to even make a sandwich if she ever got wise and left him. He teased her a lot that he knew his place though. The dogs or kids could rotate as #1 and #2 always leaving Brian at #3, although we knew her feelings for him were as deep as his for her. I’ll share one story about Brian: he called me late afternoon one day saying he couldn’t get a hold of Pauline and he had been calling for over an hour. Pauline never let his calls go to voice mail and he was literally in a panic. So, Brian, I, and my wife each went out in separate cars and started driving around the small town of Ames looking for her car in a ditch, or an accident – we didn’t know what. After almost 2 hours I called Brian to see if he had heard from Pauline and he said yes, they were all at home and had been for quite a while. We found out later after getting the truth from Pauline is she had told him of an appointment at the school and he was supposed to pick Bella up, but of course, he wasn’t listening and instead turned it into a missing persons case! Brian didn’t open up to many people, being used to temporary friendships born of military service. I am so lucky though that Brian and I continued our friendship years after we worked together. I am a better person for having known him and his absence is a painful hole in my heart. As I said earlier, Brian and I quickly recognized that our connection went beyond co-workers, we are brothers. The loss of a friend like you is something that can never be recovered. Rest easy, my brother, until we meet again.

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