Dr. Robert Sherman, Ph.D.

dr. robert sherman, ph.d.
Dr. Robert Sherman, Ph.D. Obituary Dr. Robert Sherman, Ph.D., a Brentwood based clinical psychologist and professional photographer, died peacefully in his sleep while at home with his loved ones on the morning of December 9th, at the age of 76. Born in Queens, NY in 1946, Bob was a spiritual seeker who traveled the world, as comfortable in the Bronx as he was in Iran teaching English. After completing his Ph.D. from NYU in 1974, he travelled extensively and lived in an ashram in India for a year. He was prone to dancing with the locals wherever he went on his adventures. Bob’s life’s work as a therapist in private practice spanned forty years between Brick, NJ and Brentwood, TN. He saw clients for individual and marital therapy with a direct style while establishing an extremely safe therapeutic environment. In 2015 Bob published a memoir, “The Wandering Hinjew”, in which he chronicled his life personally, professionally, and photographically sharing his journey overcoming childhood trauma and building a life in harmony with his authentic Self. In his words: “My photographic passion is the pursuit of capturing the true essence of who we are and the world around us. It is my belief that the separation we feel from the world and each other is an illusion created by our ignorance and fear. As this illusion fades, what remains is the spirit that connects us all.” Bob was also known for his beloved “Daily Dose” emails, which he started to send out after 9/11 to showcase his photos of everyday people from 1970s Afghanistan. The Daily Dose grew to include his shots from around the world along with wise, thought-provoking quotes that reached a global audience of thousands. He is predeceased by his brother Richie Sherman. He is survived by his wife Beth Nielsen Chapman, his two sons Jonas and Noah Sherman from his first marriage to Natasha Sherman, his sister-in-law Gail Sherman, nieces Patti Eisinger and Tracey Colwell, his stepson Ernest Chapman, Ernest’s wife Jessie, and their two children Atreyu and Sebastian who affectionately refer to Bob as “Grumpy.” As per his wishes, Bob will be cremated with a cheese Danish made by Gelbstein’s Bakery in Lakewood, NJ. His ashes will be scattered in the one place on Earth he felt closest to God – off the banks of the Ganges River in Varanasi, India. His beautiful photography can be viewed at www.bobshermanphotography.com. Bob’s work has appeared in the UN Chronicle and the Nashville Arts Magazine as well as two BBC4 documentaries. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Alive Hospice: www.alivehospice.org A celebration of Bob’s life will be announced in early 2023. Arrangements in the care of Compassion Funeral & Cremation Services, 6949 Charlotte Pike, Suite 104 (615) 857-9955. We are proud to be your locally owned and operated burial & cremation provider.

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  1. Bob was an incredible therapist. So intelligent and articulate. I always knew when we were talking and he stopped to think, that he was searching for just the right thing to say and he never let me down. The wisdom and experience that he brought to the moment were everything I needed. I will miss his humor, his stories, and most of all the light that he brought into my life.

  2. We honor your path and celebrate your continuing journey, Bob. Your Daily Dose was a daily see and read and I often emailed to thank you and comment on the wonderful choices you made. You reached back and out to discover and share such wisdom. It enriched our lives. Deep gratitude mingles with our sorrow.

  3. I used to hurry into professional meetings to find a seat at the back of the room near Bob while we were attending professional meetings re: mental health, neoliberalism, and such topics. Even if the speaker was extremely engaging (which was sometimes not the case), Bob and I would “cut up” in the back – in our generation’s language, meaning “to play, joke, banter, and laugh quietly” during serious meetings. Bright, jolly, and yes, grumpy at times, Bob helped me enjoy many such continuing education day-long events. I suppose neither one of us had the attention span needed to sit still and just listen all day long. However, in other ways at other times, Bob was an extremely good listener, individually and in small groups, very engaging, offering his nuggets of wisdom which sometimes caught us off guard. A true treasure, a shining light, a gem in our midst. We love you, Bob, and wonder how you will play with us now? I feel your spirit hovering around, already enjoying all the extra space you now have!

  4. Q: How did you meet Dr. Robert? A: Bob and I became good friends through the Maryland Farms YMCA cycle classes. We often broke bread together after class. From meeting him some eight years + ago I have been a daily dose receiver. I have pages of my favorite inspirational quotes from Bob. He and I called each other…… Bobby From Queens Rich From Buffalo I am saddened of his passing. He has inspired so many. I will truly miss him. In the place where he is now I am sure he has his camera out capturing the peace of that place.

  5. In gratitude for all the beauty Bob added to my life and to the world. Linda Odom

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Dr. Robert Sherman, Ph.D.
  6. Noah, Jonas, Beth and Ernest, my heart goes out to all of you….How can I, possibly, capture the essence of my friendship with Bob, which spanned forty years- over thirty of which were spent “ on the other side of the wall”, in our private practice…. We were, definitely, two opposites, who bonded immediately! Bob was incredibly bright, outrageously funny, spiritual, kind and, slightly irreverent! As he often described, our relationship seemed to consist of one continuously disjointed conversation that never ended and, always brought us joy… Some of my fondest memories are of us “ co-therapizing some of our wonderful married clients… it never failed…we always came from completely opposite perspectives, therapeutically…. Somehow, it always seemed to work! Looking back on it now, I think it was because although we were so different in so many ways, we always treated one another with such love and respect- something I think we could all gain from, these days…In one of our last texts, a week or so before Bob passed, I asked Bob if he thought it required a reservation or if I could just request that he be part of my “ Welcoming Committee”… He responded “ I’ll do my best” and I trust that he will! ❤️

  7. I worked with Bob Sherman for a year, and I only wish I had found him sooner. He was a magical, out-of-this-world human, with a contagious laugh and a “tell you like it is” attitude. He had a way of using imagery in his sessions to help his clients relate to concepts. Such as taping over the tabs of my cassette tape, living a life that I love me in the movie, gaining my gold seal of approval, having my own air supply under the deep ocean, and many many more. I have an immense amount of gratitude to have our sessions recorded, so I can revisit him and our time together over and over again. He is unforgettable and holds a significant role in my movie and my heart. I have an endless and infinite amount of love for Bob, always.

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