Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor

tamara (tammy) taylor
Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor Tamara Taylor passed away unexpectedly at home in Nashville, TN on August 11, 2023. She was born April 12, 1965. Tammy retired in 2020 from Delta Airlines after 25 years. She was one of their distinguished female Captains. She also flew for Northwest Airlines, American Eagle, and Eastern Metro. Tammy graduated from Upper St. Clair High School in 1982 of Pittsburgh, PA. She was a die heart Steeler fan. She attended and graduated from Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, FL. Tammy followed in her father’s footsteps with the love of flying and started at age 15 and soloed at age 16. Tammy is survived by her parents Doris and George Hess of Merritt Island, FL, formerly of Upper St. Clair, PA, her sisters Kimberly Hess and Colleen Hess Tokarz (Norm), and her nephews Connor (Megan) and Carson McCormick. She will be miss by so many friends and family. Memorial services will be held later in time.

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  1. Tammy and I were more than sisters, we were friends! When Tammy and I lived in Atlanta together, we thought someone was at our door trying to break in. We looked out the peep hole and it was dark like someone had their finger over it. So she grabbed her ski pole, I opened the door so she could jab the person. While I opened the door, I let out a loud scream scaring her to death. Nobody was there, the light was burnt out, we laughed about that especially because I scared her more with my screaming. Colleen

  2. Growing up, Tammy was my best cousin! We always had fun together and I treasure the memories of she and Colleen coming to visit us in Michigan and me staying with them in Pittsburgh! There was ALWAYS side-splitting laughter!! “Hit the deck!!” It was always funny because our grandma couldn’t keep track of our names when we were kids. I was called Tam as much as I was called Pam! It’s hard to believe she’s gone. So sad for us all.

  3. A living memorial for Tamara Taylor Hess. Our prayers are with you, Colleen and Jim Thews

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor
  4. Tammy, the ever spirited explorer of life bubbles in my heart. Her intellect sharpened our world and her courage kept us believing anything was achievable. The analytical whizz who charmed all as a friend, wrapped comfort in love for ten unforgettable years to an undeserving ex-husband. Rest well darling Tammy, your vivacious spirit continues to inspire us on this earthly adventure!

  5. Thinking of you and wishing peace to your family.

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor
  6. Hello Colleen. This brought lots of tears 😭 to my eyes. Tammy was just one fun loving cool friend. Never remember not seeing her smiling and laughing. Sucks she is physically gone but will talk to her whenever and see her in paradise one day. Peace Tammy-Ray. Love you always.

    • Tamara! My fun and ever so adventurous friend! Lots of great memories with Tammy, from having sleep overs in high school, to working together at Wendy’s. She worked the cash register, while I handled the orders that she announced into the loudspeaker. Little did we know that one day she would announce again only this time she’d say “this is your Captain speaking!” Ha. It finally all made sense! Other high school adventures to Conneaut Lake, Cheat Lake and WVU! What am I forgetting?! We were not afraid to go places! After college, I also worked for an airline, so Tammy and I got to go on even a few more cherished travels together! Of course.. Always a blast.. Then one day, about 14 years after high school, in Nassau, Bahamas Tammy popped in to surprise me while I was there vacationing! She just happened to be passing through and heard I was there! Always so adventurous and so much fun.. We shared many laughs in our times together.. I’m ever so grateful.. Love you Tamara! Miss you my dear, precious friend.. rest easy girl.. peace be with you.. xoxo My love to Mr. and Mrs. Hess, Kim, Colleen and the rest.. my heartfelt condolences

  7. Every memory I have of you puts a smile on my face. Your Laughter is what brought us together along with the Joyce Boys & all the Upper St Clair Friends we Share Together. Who knew at almost 60 ~ we would find another sent Friends that would Bond us together! You were just always there for us. You always answered on the 1st txt! We love and miss you Timmer & Nancy Joyce xoxo (NancyJoyce)

  8. Her name was Tamara, but will forever be my cousin Tammy. I didn’t really know Tammy after High School. She will forever be that bubbly goofy kid in pig tails, competing with her older sisters on who could plaster the most Donny Osmund magazine cut outs on their bedroom doors! So many visits when my family came back to Pittsburgh for Christmas and summer breaks. The adventures to Cheat Lake in West Virginia. In 1980 I left home for the Navy, after that I think I only saw Tammy a couple of times over 40 some years. So, I am envious of those below who had the privilege of knowing the older version of Tammy!!

  9. I will miss Tammy and the joy of life shared with all she met. She loved flying and I had the privilege to be one of her flight instructors at FIT. We stayed friends throughout our careers even working together at American Eagle, Northwest Airlines, and Delta Airlines. She was a professional aviator a Captain of whom upheld the highest standards for all her peers to look up to. Rest in peace my dear friend. Thank you for sharing your life with me.

  10. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor
  11. Various photo’s of Tammy from our 10 years spent together. From climbing ice craters, to jumping out of airplane, traveling around the world with me and just having fun.She loved our dogs Dixie and Harry.

  12. Love hearing about Tammy’s Days of flying. To our USC Friends. Tim Joyce & Tim Gresock are neighbors. How Tammy connected us together is another fun memory that just explain how Tammy was always there. We laughed &. Texted & shared so many stories that will last a lifetime.

  13. Colleen, these are the pictures from when Tammy surprised me in Nassau, Bahamas! I’ll never forget my phone ringing in my hotel room. It was the front desk calling to let me know that there was someone there to see me. I was so perplexed 😂 Best surprise to see Tammy’s smiling face! We had so much fun just getting caught up. I was 4 months pregnant with my first son. This was end of February 1996. 🩷☀️🩷

  14. Tammy and I have been friends and coworkers for 30-plus years starting at American Eagle, to classmates at Northwest Airlines, then DeltaAirLines. Tammy was always up for an adventure. Early on at NWA, we were both on reserve as DC-10 second officers and were not flying much, we would get bored and set out to explore Minnesota. One of the funniest times, we ran across a place to rent a canoe, so of course we rented one. A couple hours into paddling around in the middle of nowhere we both looked at each other and realized if scheduling called us for a trip we would never make it in time. After almost falling in the water laughing so hard, we just pressed on with the adventure. That is how I will remember Tammy: laughing, a lot of fun, and always up for an adventure!

  15. I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. Tammy and I were hired within a fee months of each other at NWA. She and I were Airbus 330 FO’s at the same time and have many find memories of our adventures in Amsterdam. I give my most sincere condolences. Monica Harper Airbus 330 Captain Delta Airlines

  16. I have knownTammy for over 25 years. We first met at CQ in MSP where she was my FO . We had such a good time in the simulator that year that we decided that we would try to schedule training together the following year. This was the start of a friendship that lasted till just a few weeks ago. She was a special friend and a fabulous pilot. I will sure miss talking to her and critiquing the last Steeler game on Monday morning. You will be missed. Harry Miller Delta Airlines

  17. If tears could build a stairway & memories a lane. We would rush right up to heaven to bring you home again. Aunt Tammy you are in our hearts for ever

    A Memorial Tree was planted in memory of Tamara (Tammy) Hess Taylor
  18. I met Tammy about 10 years ago. We were both Airbus 330 First Officers at Delta Airlines. I have no idea why our paths would not have crossed earlier, we both went through similar career paths. Both of our fathers were Pilots for Allegheny Airlines and then US Air (though they did not know each other). We were both very driven in our pilot careers. We both went to Florida Institute of Technology for our Bachelor Degrees. Tammy was one year ahead of me. She completed a 4 year Degree in 3 years. She was so incredibly smart! It took me the standard 4 years trying to build flight time. When Tammy and I finally met, I believe it was divine intervention! I really needed a close friend! From the day we met, we were very close and Tammy was one of my closest friends I have had in my life! She was one of two people in my life that I could confide in 100%. We were the kind of friends that you could call at any time when you were laughing or crying! It went both ways! We never judged. We were just there to lend an open ear and offer suggestions when asked. She was the kind of friend that even if you hadn’t spoken for 6 months, you could pick up the phone and you were right back to the relationship before. Tammy helped me celebrate my 50th birthday in Amsterdam. It was my best birthday ever. Likewise we spent many memorable layovers together at work. We spent so many hours sharing, laughing and commiserating. Tammy was a godsend to my life and I will miss her for the rest of my life! Monique Gamble

  19. Tammy will live in our hearts forever. We were so proud of you following in your father’s footsteps. Rest in peace and will see you again in the kingdom of heaven. Love you, Mom and Dad

  20. I just heard the news! Tammy was in my new hire class at NWA. She was an awesome person! A great laugh and an engaging personality. I hadn’t talked with her in awhile, but I’m very sorry to hear this. Very sad news indeed. Prayers for Tammy and her family🙏🙏🙏

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